Home modification is converting or adapting the environment in order to make performing tasks easier, reduce accidents and support independent living.

  • Grab Bars and Handrails
  • Exterior/ Interior Iron Handrails
  • Wheelchair Ramps ( EZ-ACCESS Modular Aluminum Ramp Systems)
  • Bath Safety
  • Health Craft Products ( Super Poles, Bathroom Safety, Bedroom Safety)
  • Stairlifts
  • Vertical Lifts
  • Prepare Home for Hospital Discharge
  • Accessibility Design and Consulting
  • Safety assessment
  • Install Smoke, Fire, Carbon Monoxide and Gas Detectors

StayHome Safe can rapidly install the products you need for a safer home. Bathrooms, stairways and entryways are our most common areas. We install grab bars, hand rails and  wheelchair ramps and many other home safety improvements. All modifications are tailored to your home’s unique needs. As a licensed contractor, all modifications will use the finest materials, and be installed by professionals.

Home Assessment

Stay Home Safe will conduct a thorough audit of your property and home.  All areas of concern will be discussed and  prioritize to their risk level in the home and recommend modifications to reduce those risks.

Hospital Discharge Services

Coordinate with hospital discharge agents and case workers.

Assisting in recommending and procuring appropriate adaptive equipment. Teaching you and your family to utilize the adaptive equipment effectively and safely.

Collaborating with inpatient therapists to address your family member’s/client’s needs to ensure safe transfers and patient care.

Resource to Conservator/Fiduciary

At StayHome Safe we evaluate the home, environment and provide safety assessment reports.